Accounts, Cards and Services

You should have received a letter with details of how your specific accounts will be affected by the transition from BNC Bank/Bank of North Carolina to Pinnacle. But take a minute to review the descriptions below. You might be interested in a different account. If so, just let us know. We can help you find the account that meets your specific needs.

Accounts, Cards and Services

Personal Deposit Accounts

At Pinnacle, a big piece of client service means offering simple, straightforward account options. It also means answering the phone when you call, instantly replacing your debit card and providing free overdraft transfers from another Pinnacle account.

There are five checking account options at Pinnacle with a variety of features and advantages to fit your needs. For savings, we offer accounts with unlimited deposits and free transfers from Pinnacle checking. Your savings account interest rate will not change at this time.

Your statement cycle will remain the same. The only difference will be a Pinnacle-branded design. We do not include reconciliation sheets in our statements, but you can find one here.

Business Deposit Accounts

Pinnacle financial advisors are experienced, local professionals who are empowered to make decisions in your best interests. Our team is capable of helping clients build something out of the ordinary, tailored to your own needs.

Pinnacle offers business checking accounts with flexible pricing tiers to fit every size business. For savings, we have options for businesses who want varying levels of access to funds and interest rate needs. Your savings account interest rate will not change at this time.

Personal and Business Lending

Lending products are much the same no matter which financial institution you choose. The difference, then, lies in the experience and expertise of the people. Pinnacle offers a wide range of options for small and large businesses as well as individuals.

We will work with you to customize a loan that fits your needs based on your personal situation and circumstances. No 1-800 number calls. No strangers approving your application from hundreds of miles away. Decisions are made locally by someone who knows you and knows what you need.

Personal and Business Lending

The rates and terms for your BNC Bank/Bank of North Carolina loans, including home equity lines of credit, are not changing. If you have established automatic payments, they will continue to occur. Unless notified otherwise, your account number will not change, and you will receive a monthly billing statement on all loan accounts with Pinnacle.

You can remit your payment using the return envelope to:

Pinnacle Financial Partners
P.O. Box 292487
Nashville, TN 37229

Pinnacle also provides several ways to pay your loan electronically, including automatic debit and Online Banking. If you want to discuss options for payment, contact our Client Service Center at 800-262-7175.

Treasury Management Services

Pinnacle offers sophisticated treasury management tools to all of our business clients, both large and small. Our experienced treasury management advisors learn about your company and its cash flow patterns to discover the right tools for managing the timing of payments and receipts while monitoring the company’s cash position.

We will work directly with treasury management clients to ensure a smooth transition. For the most part, you will continue to use the same treasury management systems until we move to a unified platform in 2018.

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Personal and Business Credit Cards

If you currently have a credit card through BNC, you may receive a new one branded by the card provider (Elan) with the same terms and conditions as before. But if you want to move to a new card through Pinnacle, we can take care of that.

Pinnacle offers a suite of MasterCard® credit cards for both personal and business use with varied features to meet every need. Whether you are looking for low interest rates, rewards or extended benefits, Pinnacle offers credit card options that provide you with best-in-class features combined with the distinctive service we are known for.

For businesses that need more working capital, Pinnacle offers cards with flexible billing options, convenient reporting tools and online access 24/7. You can find the full MasterCard Guide to Benefits here.

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Wealth Management

Your financial needs change at every stage of life. You deserve an advisor who is experienced in meeting your needs. Finding a wealth management strategy that works for you right now and adjusts as your life changes is perhaps the most important financial decision you will make.

Pinnacle’s advisors can give you high-quality, comprehensive planning and service designed to help you accumulate, protect and distribute your assets. They don’t compete against one another for commission or percentages. Instead they work collaboratively across five crucial disciplines that can come together to create the strategy you need.

Wealth Management

We will also continue to offer insurance options through HPB Insurance with the same services, the same team and even the same website.

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