Our People

Pinnacle was founded in 2000 by a trio of experienced bankers who wanted to build a different kind of bank. Our founders are President and CEO Terry Turner, Chairman Rob McCabe and Chief Administrative Officer Hugh Queener. You can learn a lot more about them, the rest of the leadership team and our complete board of directors on the main Pinnacle website.

Our People

But these are not the people you will be interacting with on a daily basis. The people you care most about are the local financial advisors and financial specialists who help you.

Your banker (we call them financial advisors) will still serve you from your local office, and our market leaders are staying, as is the former President and CEO of BNC Bank / Bank of North Carolina Rick Callicutt. He will continue to run operations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia in much the same way he did before the merger.

It’s important to us that the people you like to work with stay with the company and stay in your service. Because Pinnacle believes in giving authority to those who work directly with clients, your financial advisor will be empowered to make decisions at the local level without having to ask permission from headquarters in Nashville.

Though the name on the outside of the office will change, the people will not. We will strive to make this transition as seamless as possible so you have a consistent experience.