Transition Timeline

BNC Bank/Bank of North Carolina became Pinnacle Financial Partners on September 25. This means your accounts converted to Pinnacle accounts, our offices have new signs, and you’ll notice the Pinnacle logo when you visit Online Banking.

Transition Timeline

Debit Card

October 27

On or before October 27 you will receive your new Pinnacle MasterCard® Debit Card.

Continue to use your BNC Bank/Bank of North Carolina debit card until your new Pinnacle card arrives.

Once you have activated your card, update any payments you have tied to your BNC debit card with your new Pinnacle debit card number. If you misplace your new Pinnacle card, please call our Client Service Center at (800) 262-7175 for a replacement.

November 15

Be sure to activate your new card by November 15.

Online Banking

Nothing is changing at this time. You will continue to use the same Online Banking system, but you’ll notice that it was rebranded to Pinnacle Financial Partners and that your accounts have different product names. You can log into Online Banking with your existing username and password at the homepage to this website at any time.

Mobile Banking

You will continue to use the same mobile banking app, but you’ll notice that the icon looks different and the screens are rebranded to Pinnacle Financial Partners. One difference is that you will not be able to manage your Pinnacle debit card through the app. Instead, call (844) 860-0110 if your new card is lost or stolen.